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Ever since I was a little girl, music has affected me deeply. I can still remember melodies moving me to tears….having a great emotional impact.

The intention of my work has always been to use the vehicle of music to heal, empower and uplift myself and those around me.

Whether it be teaching fitness classes or singing songs I’ve written, I have always felt the transformational qualities of music. My belief is that music transcends all universal barriers and differences and has the power to affect people on a cellular level.

I have always had a heartfelt desire to use my musical gifts to help share in the awareness of our deep connection to each other. To light my candle and to be a healing force in the universe in my own unique way.

To share my joys and sorrows through song and to open hearts through truth.

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To feel empowered by living my heart’s desire and to connect with those around me on a deeper level.
To share the music of my soul.


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