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Gardening is one of my passions.
Watching things grow gives my spirit great satisfaction and joy. I moved to the city and started out with a very limited area of cement. I figured out ways to make a patio garden that would hold perennials, annuals and vegetables because I needed a serene summer area for myself. If you are a city person with limited space and are interested in exploring these possibilities for a garden of your own, click here.
Ever since I was a little girl, music has affected me deeply.
I can still remember melodies moving me to tears and having a great emotional impact. The intention of my work has always been to use the vehicle of music to heal, empower and uplift myself and those around me. Whether it be teaching fitness classes or singing songs I’ve written, I have always felt the transformational qualities of music. My belief is that music has the power to affect people on a cellular level. I have always had a heartfelt desire to use my musical gifts to help share in the awareness of our deep connection to each other.
Staying physically fit has always been very important to me.
Our bodies are truly our temples and I feel a responsibility to take the steps necessary to maintain good health. Body awareness, discipline and focus are three areas where we can all grow and discover more about ourselves. Click here for More information.
Trudy Holler lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been working locally in the fitness industry for 25 years.
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